The ministry of Trade and Industry

A number of institutions and commissions are associated with the Ministry of Trade
and Industry, including the National Telcom Regulatory Authority, the Office of
Public Works, Faroe Islands Enterprice (Tourism & Trade), the Faroese Vehicle
Inspection, the Competition Council, the Administration of Occupational Safety
and Health, the Aquacultural Research Station, the Food and Environmental Agency and
the Alcohol Monopoly of the Faroe Islands.


The Ministry of Industry shall strive to: 

  • seek an interdisciplinary focus in its functioning              
  • function consistent with general guidelines and clear procedural structures              
  • offer a high level of knowledgeable and client-focused service              
  • maintain a diversity of external and internal connections              
  • be impartial and to strive to foster future business prospects that have the
  • potential for substantial appreciation.


The Minister

of trade and industry